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How to select your builder - Prior to your Project

When making Home Improvements you need to have confidence in your builder. This will ensure you get what you expect with no nasty surprises along the way.

How to ensure you make the right choice ...!!!

Research the Builder
A good Builder will be happy to provide references, so ask about previous work they have done for other customers. A good Builder normally will have work booked in and won't be able to start for a few months. A good Builder is always busy !!

Salesman....or Builder ?
At the outset ask the person who comes round if he will be working personally on your project and managing the job. Quite often, the person who comes round is the 'salesman' and after they have won the work you won't see him again. Do you really want to entrust your work to someone you haven't met ?

Get more than one quote

You need to get several quotes, and not just a 'Ball Park' figure. Be wary of those that will come back with a price but no detail. If you haven't got a list of exactly what is being covered you may find less reputable builders could come back to you with 'extras' and the excuse of 'I didn't quote for that !' ..

Timeframe of Works
Ensure you have a written document detailing the project and timeframes. This will allow you to plan ahead and prevents the builder from dragging out a project which started as 3 month job and is still going strong after 5 months!  This will also allow you to monitor the progress of the job and keep control of it.

Keep them in the know
Help your builder understand the look you are going for. Show them pictures and magazines of the kind of things you want. If you change your mind over any aspect of your project, make sure you tell the Builder !

No Jargon
A good Builder will ensure you understand what he is saying. If you don't, ask for clarification.

Are they a member of the Federation of Master Builders?
If they aren't, ask why not ?