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Recent Projects

New Build and Refurbishment of existing in Bramhall
Victoria Way original Victoria Way Garden Victoria Way Refurbishment Victoria Way after Existing property refurbed Roundway New Build And now there are 2! lightbox gallery exampleby v6.1
We were delighted in 2019 to secure these works in Bramhall where our brief was to refurbish the existing property and build a new property in the garden. This challenge was approached with relish as the potential to improve the existing house was undeniable. In addition to this we are always eager to complete New Build properties and make them look appealing with clean lines but also to make sure that they fit in with their surroundings.

The photo’s show the initial property and the garden space we had to work with. This was a project which encountered the difficulties of COVID 19 early on so its probably fair to say that we experienced some unexpected difficulties throughout the build but we hope you agree that the finished properties are testament to our dedication, professionalism and expertise!
Hollins Lane Marple
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This project was always going to be a memorable one for our company. We were literally starting with a small non descript detached bungalow and transforming it into something which is unrecognisable and truly impressive. The initial property sat on a very large plot and any development had to take this into account as well as the far reaching views. To gain the modern finish our clients chose render and plenty of glass which resulted in a light filled fantastic family home. Any issues along the way were discussed with the clients in order to ensure they were kept fully in control of their project from start to finish. We encountered difficulties with foundations due to the close proximity of trees which we expected and overcame, the usual problems with the English weather which to be honest cannot be relied upon no matter what time of the year we start a project. This project seemed to be a talking point in Marple Bridge and we received many compliments from people who were passing by or those who had heard of the project and came specifically to see for themselves. A completely different looking house for a young family! It was a pleasure to have undertaken these works!!!
Extension in Bollington
IMG_2387 IMG_2405 IMG_2415 IMG_2467 IMG_2443 IMG_2446
WF Build secured the works at a detached property in Bollington to construct a single storey rear extension. This would then provide our clients with a spacious open plan family room/kitchen. This new space was light filled and stylish and ensured the beautiful view could be fully appreciated. We have since booked in to return to the property for Phase 2 which is a first floor side extension.

2nd Phase - Bollington 2018
We were asked to return to this property in Bollington to complete the second phase of their project. This was the addition of a double storey side extension, new windows and external rendering the house. We are particularly proud of the finished work which has transformed the house from a typical early 1960 building to an impressive executive looking detached residence. The addition of the double storey side has afforded the owners a beautiful master bedroom suite with walk in wardrobe and ensuite.
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Orangery in Poynton
IMG_3960a IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4051 IMG_4119 IMG_4130 IMG_4138 IMG_4155 IMG_4174 IMG_4222 lightbox youtube galleryby v6.0
Beautiful addition of an Orangery to a Poynton property has ensured our clients have an amazing modern, well designed open plan space for today's living. Clean lines and large lantern ensuring maximum light and modern internals compliment this already beautiful house. External paving works complete the look and results in our client enjoying better designed space both inside and out with a hi-spec finish.
Extension/House Remodelling in Marple
IMG_4182 IMG_4189 IMG_4186 IMG_0064 IMG_0416 IMG_0383 IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0414 IMG_0415 IMG_0422 IMG_9925 lightbox youtube galleryby v6.0
WF Build were recently asked to extend and remodel a Marple Bungalow to create more space and disabled facilities/access. We were delighted to hand back the property to our Clients which would ensure the family could function effectively as a family unit whilst enjoying their beautiful stylish new home.
Property Redesign
gallery40d gallery40a gallery40e gallery40f gallery40b gallery40c lightbox youtube galleryby v6.0
Our clients wanted to redesign their 1970 property and make it a unique home. This is a project we were more than happy to proceed with and completely changed the look of the property both inside and out. A high spec finish and spacious open plan living provided our clients with a beautiful home into which they could grow. The property was virtually unrecognisable on completion.
Garage Extension in Wilmslow
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WF Build were delighted to secure a garage conversion and extension at a bungalow in Wilmslow. This increased the living space and provided more spacious facilities to provide our clients with a living space designed to their exact needs.
House Refurbishment and Extension
IMG_1301 IMG_1200 IMG_0661 IMG_1172 IMG_1184 IMG_1186 IMG_1228 IMG_1232 IMG_1234 IMG_1240 IMG_1366 IMG_1370 IMG_1391 lightbox youtube galleryby v6.0
Our Clients brief was a complete house refurbishment and double storey rear extension.  We were unhappy with the Architects plans which featured a flat roof on the extension which would not have been an attractive finish to the project.  After careful consideration and lots of calculations we provided a potential solution to the client as to how his extension roof could be constructed to be both practical, in keeping with the style of the house and aesthetically pleasing.  This was approved and installed and ensured the overall high quality finish to the project.
New build in Hazel Grove
IMG_1323 IMG_1517 IMG_1329 IMG_1363 IMG_1406 IMG_1409 IMG_1495 IMG_1499 IMG_1506 IMG_1534 IMG_1656 IMG_1721 IMG_1757 IMG_1986 IMG_1990 IMG_2006 IMG_2028 IMG_1985 IMG_2034 lightbox youtube galleryby v6.0
We were delighted to be asked to construct a New Build detached property on a prestigious estate in Hazel Grove. We were determined that this property would fit in with the existing estate and not look like it had been added at a later date. Much time and care was spent sourcing the exact materials in order to ensure this house looked as 'original' as its neighbour's. We received the best compliment numerous occasions on completion that 'the house looks like it has been there for ever as it fits in so well with the other properties'!